AppleScript and MacOS X


I bet that we at MacScripter.Net are not the only AppleScripters around who wonder what will happen to AppleScript under MacOS X. Of course it will be implemented, but how? We want a good AppleScript support under MacOS X, so we ask everyone else who's interested, to send a request for this to Apple via the MacOS X PB feedback page at
You might want to take a gander at this thread at MacNN.

A main Applescript guy at Apple listens to and answers questions and suggestions about the future of Applescript on OS X.
The thread is really long, but it is very interesting, and the Apple guy really knows his stuff, and cares a lot about the future of Apple and Applescript.

Basically, I expect great things to come out of the OS X/Applescript combination. Its not going away, and by the look of the guy's posts, its going to be very tightly integrated with the BSD architecture as well as all levels of the UI.