[APPLESCRIPT] Change QuickTime movie aspect ratio


Thanks for the script, but can you update instructions to put you script in the Quicktime menu so that I can get to it via quicktime? I'm using OSX 10.6.3. THANKS...


love this script!!!
only problem,
when multiple windows (documents) are open, it always resizes the first document that was opened.
i think it has to do with the sub-script or the prompt window opening and reordering the documents.
any ideas?


Crotchety UI Nitpicker
I've not known that to be the case. It's supposed to work on whichever movie is frontmost. It's dependent on the order QuickTime Player reports. Maybe it changed in a newer version. I'll run some tests later.

I should also make a new script to work with QuickTime X. I haven't even tried it with QTX yet.


GENIUS. SHEER GENIUS. I have been looking for something that could do just this for hours. I must say, well done. I saved the script in my apps folder, and have used it on two videos so far. Saved them and now I can comfortably burn them do some DVDs, knowing the output will look amazing. THANK YOU, again.


Hmm, this script appears to fix the aspect ratio as far as Finder (QuickLook) and QuickTime Player 7 are concerned. However the changes aren't picked up in Final Cut Pro X. Any idea why this might be, or if there's a fix?