[AppleScript] Duplicate files with timestamp


Hi once again,

I don't think this is possible, but I just wanted to check to see if this works at all...

I have an application that sends itself to the trash. Is there any way I can simultaneously quit that application and empty the trash at the same time? I can see how this can be done if I used a double-script file: one that opens the both of them, one that executes its process, then deleting itself. Then I can see how a timed delay can be integrated into the first script so that it empties the trash right after the second script finishes. Does anybody know how I can do this?

Pertaining to this question, I have thought of an abstract solution, but it is extremely inefficient and I am sure there is a faster way. One way to integrate these "double" scripts is to store one on the internet, have one script download the other and then open it automatically. This should be pretty easy except I don't know how to open the resulting downloaded file, on top of selecting "open" when the internet-application confirmation prompt appears on screen.



Hi Mikuro,

Thanks for all your help on this forum. You're certainly adding a valuable service.

So I need to rename a file twice a day with one constant field and the current time stamp, e.g. s3759_20090629_0713. s3759 needs to stay constant and the date and time stamps follow in the above form.

Will you please advise me how to change your script to provide stamps in this format? After renaming the file, I'll need to have it automatically upload via ftp to a server.

Thanks for your help!