AppleScript in the Finder in 10.1 (Spring-Loaded Folders???)


Unofficial Mac Genius
OK I've noticed some interesting things with AppleScript and the Finder in OS X 10.1. For one, if I open up the dictionary, a lot of the titles are labeled with '(NOT AVAILABLE YET)' in the title which explains all the terms (for example, open up the Finder dictionary, and click on 'Finder items', the bold heading -- note that the 'add to favorites' command has a 'NOT AVAILABLE YET' phrase added to it.

Furthermore, there's a subheading under there that contains a command that sets the delay of spring-loaded folders. That last thing is really weird, because AFAIK, there are no spring-loaded folders in 10.1 -- to see where it is, open up the Finder dictionary again, and then click on 'preferences' under the 'Type Definitions' heading; you should see both the 'spring open folders' and 'delay before springing' properties.

I was trying to change the mode of a window and the window options, but I couldn't get it to work (I confess it was late at night and I didn't try ALL that hard).. could someone post a sample script that shows exactly how to do this based on the Finder's dictionary? That would be very helpful, because I'm hoping to "relearn" AppleScript.. I haven't been using it for a while, and AppleScript studio and the power to run any command via the terminal from AppleScript make it very powerful, so I want to learn about all the new capabilities and be able to use them.

Any replies would be greatly appreciated.
My guess is that they just carried this over from the OS 9 finder dictionary. Not Available yet means that they haven't had a chance to change this yet. Anything on the page could be changed. As you pointed out, if you look at many items you find the Not Available yet warning.

Also, if you look at the dictionary for the OS 9 finder it is almost the same as that for OS X.

On the other hand, I did read a rumor a while back that spring loaded folders would come back in a future version of the OS but that Popup Windows wouldn't.