AppleScript Network Question


OK there's no real home for AppleScript questions around here, so I'll just stick this one here...

OK back when classic was new, you use to be able to write an applescript to control another mac on your network like this....

On Run
Tell Application "Finder" on machine "PowerMac 7500"
Say "I wish I has altivec"
End Tell
End Run

It worked fine, but now, in X, when I type the code above and hit enter, it 'compiles' and the "on machine "PowerMac 7500" is automatically removed!! So now how can I control my macs? Is there a new syntax for it???
The problem is that Apple is now using AppleTalk over IP instead of the old method, so the syntax has changed somewhat. From AppleScript help (available from the Help menu, clicking the question mark on the lower left to show all topics, then clicking on AppleScript Help, and finally choosing "Scripting Remote Applications") use the syntax

tell application "nameOfApp" of machine "eppc://..."

instead. Since I can't seem to select the text from the help window, here's a screenshot:


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