AppleScript Studio? Is this our new HyperCard?


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Yeah, this could be a real life-saver for ad hoc custom software that people are always having to write for in-house work.



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Wow. I see you can use AppleScript to access SOAP services on the web. I wonder how easy that will be. I can't read the sample scripts on Win NT at work to see what the XML SOAP processing looks like because the scripts seem to use a resource fork which is lost upon unstuffing. Rats.

Someone check this message's attachment out for me and show us what the XMl processing looks like.




this looks very cool, nice articles as well.

Does Apache, as it ships with 10.1, include a SOAP client/server? I would like to see how to adapt these applescripts as cgi/php scripts so I can run them with an html/flash front end.

This looks like a very powerfull feature of the os. I installed the script menu

which is nice, and allows you to access perl and shell scripts as well!

Does anyone know how to manage the folders of pre-existing script menu items?

This release kicks itjavascript:smilie(':D')