AppleScript Studio? Is this our new HyperCard?

Yeah, this could be a real life-saver for ad hoc custom software that people are always having to write for in-house work.

Wow. I see you can use AppleScript to access SOAP services on the web. I wonder how easy that will be. I can't read the sample scripts on Win NT at work to see what the XML SOAP processing looks like because the scripts seem to use a resource fork which is lost upon unstuffing. Rats.

Someone check this message's attachment out for me and show us what the XMl processing looks like.



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this looks very cool, nice articles as well.

Does Apache, as it ships with 10.1, include a SOAP client/server? I would like to see how to adapt these applescripts as cgi/php scripts so I can run them with an html/flash front end.

This looks like a very powerfull feature of the os. I installed the script menu

which is nice, and allows you to access perl and shell scripts as well!

Does anyone know how to manage the folders of pre-existing script menu items?

This release kicks itjavascript:smilie(':D')