Appleshare between Os X and Os 9.


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I have a powerBook G4. I backup all my files on a G3 desktop. Unfortunatly I can't put Os X on the G3 because there is tones of software on it that isn't Carbonized yet.

When I update my Tibook to Os X, which will be as soon as 10.1 comes out, I want to format my disk completely and do a nice clean install without any Os 9 crap, and without classic.

Is there a way to Appletalk between my beige Os 9 and my Ti Os X to retreive my files? Also OT, do Os 9 disk images mount in Os X?
I don't know about the other stuff, but I'm fairly sure that you can make Disk Mount open a OS 9 disk image. I know that I've done it with one so it should probably work.
AppleShare works almost identically with OS X, although sharing over Appletalk isn't really intended. TCP/IP sharing works fine, and accessing the shares from OS 9 works just like any other AppleShare server. I do it constantly myself for file copying.

And as far as disk images, there isn't really any difference between an "OS 9" and "OS X" disk image. They'll have the same file system. Just make sure you drop images onto the OS X version of Disk Copy, or Classic might try to mount it. Don't let it. Strange things could happen.