AppleTalk n MacOS X 10.0.4


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I got three Apple Macs connected via Ethernet. Now I'm wondering how to transfer files beetween them using AppleTalk?!? I use PPPoE to get on the Internet, and that network control panel says "AppleTalk is not available while one uses PPPoE" ?!?! :confused:

N how do I get my macally iShock to work again? It worked just fine under MacOS 9, but now....
As far as I know, AppleTalk peer to peer networking is no longer supported in OS X... (I can still print in AppleTalk through classic though!?)

Optimally, upgrade the other machines to 10, or another way is to turn on web sharing, and go in that way.

Good Luck!

(By the way, what machines are you trying to hook up? Model numbers etc?)
I finally figured out how to connect via Apple Talk under OS X.
Its a little bit difficult, but it works though:

In the network control panel I created a new connection named "internal interface" and selected "ethernet" as the connection type. I then set the ip to, the router address to and the subnet mask to After that I wuz able to activate appletalk (under the new connection).
then i went to the sharing control panel and activated appletalk. thats it.
now i can mount my mac os x hd on the other 2 macs using the chooser.

i can also mount them other 2 macs on my mac os x desktop.
to do so, i had to launch the tcp/ip control panel under mac os 9 (on the other 2 macs) and enter an ip like 192.168.0.x (where x stands for another number between 0-255). then i activated filesharing over tcp/ip in the filesharing control panel.
now i can mount them os 9 hds on mac os x by clicking on "connect to server" and entering the other macs ip numbers. :)