AppleTalk Zones

I would like to know this same thing. I know that OS X shows up in the "Local Services" in the Network browsers, but it would be nice to have zones. When I leave my zone, my computer no longer shows up under local. It is not accessible through the Network browser. Essentially, my computer is only on part of the network. Is this just an unimplemented feature of the OS X appletalk, or is it going to stay this way. One computer here with APpleshare IP under OS 9 only shows up in local services too. Is this because it is appletalk over TCP/IP?
I've had the same problem, I'm on a med. size network with both Macs and PC's.
I've had my AppleTalk zones vanish like .com's
The only way I've found to get them back consistantly is through
the Terminal.

You'll have to login as "super-user" which is the Mac OS X flavor of root.
You will have to set a 'root' password in through the NetInfo Manager.
There are some threds here that discribe it well.

then in the Terminal login

su (that's the super user name)
password - what ever you set as the 'root' password

then type the word "appletalk" (no quotation marks)

it will display a list of comands, I'm no UNIX guy but you need to type "appletalk" infront of the command, an expample

would be "appletalk -d" (no quotation marks) (this will shutdown AppleTalk)

then type "appletalk -x" (no quotation marks) (this will bring up AppleTalk in Multihoming mode)

then type "exit" (no quotation marks)

this should (has for me everytime) find and make your AppleTalk Zones appear.

Good Luck and be very careful when you're in Super-user" mode you can really make a mess of your system.