Applets in IE/Omniweb?


I can't run applets on Web pages in either Carbon IE or Omniweb. Omni blames Apple for only exposing MRJ to Carbon and not Cocoa so far, seems reasonable, but then IE ought to work I'd imagine. Anybody know why it doesn't, or if I'm doing something wrong, or when it might get fixed?
Java support for both browsers is apparently not working very well, I turned on the "beta" Java support for IE, and the first simple applet I came to (the popular "Headlines" applet) put crap all over my screen.

I guess you can look for Java support to be beefed up. If there's a Java applet you need to run, I think you can try to download and run by hand, but I also think that walking barefoot over a bed of red hot coals would be preferable.

But then again, this is a beta program running on a beta OS.