AppleTV - what's the point?

Ceroc Addict

I just don't get the AppleTV.

I'd buy one in a second if one of the following were true:

* I could plug in an EyeTV hybrid to the USB port to record live TV.

* It had at least the web browsing/email/widget capabilities of a stripped down Mac mini

* It acted as an AE basestation to connect at least one other computer to itself and the internet

Given that these things aren't true, why wouldn't I just spend a little bit more money and get a proper Mac mini to hook up to the TV directly instead?


P.S. I'd submit the contents of this post to Apple's feedback section, but they don't have a section for AppleTV.


Scratch & Sniff Committee
...why wouldn't I just spend a little bit more money and get a proper Mac mini ...

Perhaps *that* is the point.

Quite frankly I agree. Compared to a Mac mini, an iPod Video (which has the same capabilities but fits in your pocket), a Tivo, just about any PVR on the market, or even the Nintendo Wii (its awesome weather, news, web-browsing and classic game capabilities and wonderful pointing device) the Apple TV just doesn't compete at all. :(

The new generation of media-centre PCs and media-capable consoles (such as XBox and PS3) can do so much more.

And of course, you can easily put downloaded videos onto these neat little things called DVDs, and just pop one in when you want to watch it.

Maybe the true potential of the Apple TV is yet to show itself, but for now I think they missed the mark completely.


Its a turnkey solution. You plug it into your TV and boom - you are able to stream media. No fussing with configuration directives or anything like that - it'll just work.