AppleWorks 6.2.1 & OS X 10.1


I am using AppleWorks 6.2.1 Int. English Version an OS X 10.1

and i am having some troubles

when i create a new spreadsheat document and enter text instead of numbers it crashes

this does not always happen ... but it behaves like that

i create a new spreadsheat and enter a text -> crash
sometimes it works ... and then it works during the whole session

does anybody know about this feature
it also happens when i add a spreadsheat into a wordprocessing document

it also happens on an german AppleWorks 6.2.1 Installation
I don´t want to buy M$ Office 10 on X !!!!



Kent Lad
I'm also having problems with AppleWorks 6.2.1 with Mac OS X.1

I've downloaded and installed the latest Epson software for the SP 870. I can print from apps like TextEdit etc, but AppleWorks just will not print. It keeps coming up with an error in the Print Queue :(

Unrelated problem, I know, but still annoying!


Jim Paradise

There are tons of problems with AppleWorks 6.2.1 and 10.1.... for example, just try changing the size of your sheet to US Legal... why would you have to do that, you ask, if it's already that? Well, open a saved document and if you go to layout options you will notice that it says it's an A4 Document... so try changing it to US Legal and watch "fun" stuff happen... not being able to print out of 6.2.1 is *really* annoying! My Epson 760 has always work printing out of X and still does but it does not print AppleWorks documents for some reason.... the list goes on!


mac shaman
the answer to most problems with appleworks 6.2.1 and osx.1 is so simple and so absurd that i am not sure how anyone found it. I encountered the printing problems like you guys and ran to apple discussion group for help. the answer was already there. Move your dock back to the bottom!! this will solve 90% of the problems. It will print new documents created in 6.2.1 now. Solving the problem of printing old docs is a little trickier. for smaller docs go to page setup and choose letter or whatever size paper you want. then change the propotion to 100% and save. If you get thru this step without getting caught in an endless colorwheel, then go to format/document and set all margins back to 1". Do not worry if your doc is blank after saving page setup. It will come back after format change. I never found a good answer for how to do this with larger files which get lost when there are many pages of 29' margins involved in saving page layout. there was also something there about the spreadsheet problems but I didn't pay much attention since i don't use them at this point. Any better answers appreciated.:confused:


mac shaman
AW 6.2.2 is out and solves a lot of the problems. it also adds new word and excel translators.


100% Bull Plop
I originally posted this in another thread, but thought you might like to hear this too.

I work for tech support and helped somebody with this same issue today. the reason page setup is reporting the wrong paper size and % is because of your printer driver is OS 9. When you create a doc in AW in os 9, AW uses the print driver you have selected to setup the page layout. When you then open that doc in AW for OS X, that driver is no longer available and it causes the page setup options to wig out. I verified this by creating a doc in 9 with an Epson 780 driver selected in the chooser. When opened in AW X, the problem occurs. However when creating a doc in AW 9 with the Laserwriter8 driver selected, the page setup in AW X for that document appears with the correct settings.

I have only verified this with this perticular driver, and it may have been an old one at that, but just thought you should know the cause.