AppleWorks 6 chokes on presentations


Licensed Computer Geek
I just got the lovely new AppleWorks 6.1.2, and it's pretty good except for one problem. Any time I try to create a new presentation, it crashes with the usual "Unexpectedly Quit" message. It does this at about the time it's drawing the toolbars. Has anyone else seen this?
It didn't happen to me when I was running 10.0.1. Or was it 10.0.2? Anyway, sorry, can't help you.

I've got 10.0.3. I found a good enough workaround, though. It doesn't have any problem opening presentations from templates, so I opened a sample without any hitch. Once it was open, I could create a new one, then I saved the blank presentation as a template in the Appleworks directory. That'll do.