Appleworks 6.x W/ Mac Os 10.4



I have an iMac G3450DVD that has 512MB RAM and plenty of hard disk space. We recently upgraded the OS to 10.4 and updated AppleWorks to the latest version so the user could convert his old ClarisWorks documents to AppleWorks format and continue to work on them. The conversion seems to have worked fine but when we open a AppleWorks document now and try to edit it, we get the error pop "There is not enough memory to perform Undo". The choices are OK and Cancel. Any idea as to the cause of this memory error?
This is probably caused by a corrupt document. Try these steps in order, stopping when it works.
1. If you can open the document, try saving it as an AppleWorks 5 document (with a slightly different name) & then open the AW 5 file in AppleWorks 6. You do not need to have AppleWorks 5 to do this & this may strip the corruption from the file.
2. Copy & paste the contents of the document into a new AppleWorks 6 document of the same type. Save it with a different name. You don't want to just replace the existing document in case the problem lies in your hard drive.
3. Open the file with icWord from Panergy Software & save it as an AppleWorks 6 file, again with a different name.
4. Use Disk Utility to repair permissions. This is not likely to fix the problem, but it is the quickest & easiest & won't hurt.
5. Start up your Mac from the first Tiger install disk. Then, instead of running the installer, go to the Utility menu & choose Disk Utility. Select your hard drive in the left-hand panel & click Repair Disk. When it is done, quit Disk Utility then quit Installer & restart your Mac.