Appleworks 6


I recently replaced my hard drive and updated to OS10.3 from 9.2. I had several databases in 9.2 which I'm now trying to use. I had not opened them in quite a while and the problem may not be related to the upgrade. The data appears as it should when I open in "List" mode. However, when I try to open in "Browse" or "Layout", the window opens but within the frame is entirely grey, solid grey. The subjects of the three databases are related, but they are distinct from each other. I also have a mailing list as a database which has not had this problem. I have tried doing new layouts - no luck. When in the window, I go to the lower left corner and click on to enlarge - a thin white vertical line appears which gets slightly larger as I continue clicking to enlarge - but no data appears and it gets no larger than maybe a half inch wide. Am hoping you can help me out -