AppleWorks International English to update to 6.1 hack?


I want to use AppleWorks 6.1 to gain MS office compatibility and the other features but my version is not US English so the updater don't work. Any suggestions Pleeze
Anybody know an answer to this? I have the UK English version of
Appleworks 6.04 and the 6.1.2 updater won't work. Do we brits just
have to put up with the fact that the preview is for Americans only?!?

(Anybody know when the release version of AW for OSX is out?)

... found the answer myself - I didn't even know that existed, but it does, and the international version of the 6.1.2 updater is on there (in the software section, can't give exact URL as it's a wierd database query type thing).

Spoke slightly too soon - the international updater does work, and I've now got 6.1.2, but I don't appear to have the OSX preview, i.e. I still have the "classic" look and feel...?

Any ideas? Should the OSX version show up in the OSX Applications folder after the install? Or does it just "replace" the one in OS9 Applications?