AppleWorks Unix File problem


Buddy of mine has had a new problem crop up... he has 9.2 at home and has had no problem in the past transferring files via his usb eDisk to our 10.3.5 macs at work... now when he drags his AW files across and tries to open them at work, they all appear as UNIX files and can't be opened in AW... its not his disk doing this, cuz I transferred one of my own AW files to his disk and it opens fine as an AW file from there... so I'm thinking it must be some change that's been made to his own home mac that's causing this...

any ideas??


Is your friend trying to open the "unix" (actually just generic)
files via AW's "file open" or by double-clicking? If the latter,
I'm unsurprised. If the former, I'm shocked. But not much.

Have your friend see what extension that flavor of Works file
needs in OSX, then add that extension to the file.


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How is your eDisk formatted? If it's not HFS+, then you're losing all your resource fork data. AppleWorks files rely on data in their resource forks. The reason it works when YOU try copying AW files might be because you're doing the copying to and from OS X (rather than from 9.2) — I think OS X will create invisible files to represent resource forks when copying to non-HFS+ volumes, and then re-merge them to copying back to an HF+ volume. But OS 9 will not do this; it'll just lose the resource fork altogether.

That's my best diagnosis, anyway.

The solution would be to either have your friend save his AW files as rtfs (which do not use resource forks) before copying them, or encode the AW files into a PC-friendly archive, like a StuffIt file.


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How is he copying to the eDisk? Try using the copy command and see if the problem still occurs.


thanks for the advice... but why do only certain files get affected... I think you may be right about the OS9 to OSX thing and the resource forks... my daughter tried to copy a game over to a USB eDisk and when she opened the key on the OSX Mac the game appeared as a terminal file as well...

so... if she reformats her eDisk would this help?, and if so should it be reformatted in OS9 or OSX?