Application Folder Lock Out!!


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I have not been able to create a new folder or drag anything into my applications folder for some time. I have been trying to find out why, and the only thing I see, is a difference in "Permisions I think" between other folders...

Here is what it shows when I type ls -l

drwxr-xr-x 33 root admin 1078 Jul 17 16:23 Applications

Is there something else to look at or am I looking into the right thing?
I don't know what to type to correct however......

User accounts which can administer the system fall into the "admin" unix group. In order to write to the /Applications folder with an "admin" user, the permissions need to be:

drwxrwxr-x <- permissions
tuuugggooo <- key

The characters in the key mean:
t = type (d for directory, - for file, l for link)
u = user. these are the user owner permissions.
g = group. these are the group owner permissions.
o = other. these are everyone else's permissions.

The three permissions characters mean:
r = read on files, ls on directories.
w = write on files, create on directories.
x = execute on files, cd on directories.

To fix your problem, at a Terminal prompt, type:

% sudo chmod g+w /Applications

Type 'man chmod' at a terminal prompt for more information on unix file permissions.

You may not believe me ... but I typed the following:

sudo chmod g+w /Applications

and tried draging a folder into the Applications folder and got the "Folder can not be modified message" still....

I then typed:

sudo chmod o+w /Applications

and still got "can not be modified" .....

What gives here ?????

this is such a pain at this point .....

I loged off and back on... that seems to have "refreshed" the change...

Thanks so much for the push in the right direction there ;)
don't forget to go back and do:

% sudo chmod o-w /Applications

You don't want non-administrator (ie guest-level) accounts being able to write into the /Applications folder.