Application Folder Locked


I am logged onto MacOS X as an administrative user and am trying to copy a new application into to Applications Folder of my Mac OS X disk from my Mac OS 9.1 disk. I get the following Message:

Item "xxx" cannot be moved because "yyy" cannot be modified.

Where xxx is the Application and yyy is the folder. When I go to Show Info>Privileges I see that

Owner "system" can: Read & Write Member of group "wheel" can: Read Only Everybody else can: Read Only

I guess I am in group wheel and that is why it does not work. How can I modify it so that as an administrator I can add applications?


I know this was posted a long time ago, but if anyone is having this problem, here is how I fixed it.

If you edit your admin username, or change the computer name, Ownership and Permissions default to 'system', locking you out of certain folders (Applications in this example).

Highlight the Applications.
Select File->Get Info
Click Ownership and Permissions
Click the Lock Button next to the Owner drop-down
Now you can change the owner back you
Click Apply to enclosed items... Button
It will ask if you want to do it... Yes
You should have control of you Applications folder again