Application folder not in Finder


Just moved from the dark side of XP & am a proud owner of a Powerbook!!

But, my teething troubles with the trackpad has resulted in me removing the user/application folder in my finder window. I only realised I had done this a while after when I noticed the Apps folder was gone - after I'd empty the trashcan .

I still have the Apps folder in the sidebar, but I think that this is the root/Apps folder not the user/Apps folder. If I drag this sipebar Apps folder onto the main window it copies all applications across - doubling disk space used.

So, what i want to know is: How do I restore to original setup - ie. user/Apps folder appears in main finder window?



Powerbook G4 15" OSX 10.4.2
Uh, there's not normally an ~/Applications folder (that is, a per-user Apps folder), unless specified as part of some sort of network deployment.

There's a good chance you had an Alias (called a Shortcut in Windows) to your /Applications folder inside your ~/ directory.

To recreate this, click your hard-drive icon in any Finder window to return to the root folder, and, while holding Command (Apple) and Option, drag your Applications folder over your Home folder in the sidebar and let go. It'll leave an alias to /Applications in ~/

Although considering you say you have your Applications folder in your sidebar anyway, I'm not sure why you'd need an alias in your home folder.

Still, that's how to do it.

Also, as a related aside, if you Cmd+click the location in the titlebar of any Window with an icon (Finder, TextEdit, etc., etc.), it'll give you the full path of the document or folder you're looking at.