Apply Global View to All Windows

I may be misunderstanding your question, but all i've done is choose 'use global options' in the pull-down menu in the window tab of the view options.

also, those options will not apply to column view - I think the pull-down choices in the global tab are limited to list and icon view...
im wondering the same thing.

i'm talking about folders w/ ICON view (first one).

In my global properties, i have a background picture set, and my icon size set.

now in my window properties, i have 'Use Global view preferences' checkmarked.

with this setting, that folder and the subfolders keep the 'global view', but when i open a different folder, the settings dont stick, and i'll have to checkmark 'use global view pref' to get the correct setting.

anyway to do it once, and have it stick for every folder on my computer?