Aqua glitches?

Hi all!
I was just cleaning up things on my Cube, and I just switched back to Aqua from AlumiteX[A] (thanks SimX!). Now back in Aqua-y goodness (Thanks As the Apple Turns!), I turned my attention to the following problem: a piece of platinum that carried over to Aqua:

If you're not convinced, notice that the tiny little folders are facing the same direction (left) as OS 9 folders face, and that Aqua folders don't face that way (they face right). I will give you a screenshot from 9 when I get the chance, I never use it anymore so it might be a while. Anyone who can verify this, please do. Now, onto my system's individual problem.
Here is a screenshot of my applications window. notice the settings in the info window, and then notice the gaps in icon placement. Also notice the icky font rendering/smoothing on only 2 folder names:

Anyone who can explain this, please do. I apologize for not converting the files to .jpg ; My copy of GraphicConverter is not working (a problem I caused, and I can fix later w/ more time). Any suggestions/ideas are greatly appreciated. Thanks,