Aqua Icon Builder

Piet Keizer

When a folder alias is placed in the Dock, there'll be no room for the name of it. This will be a problem if you put a lot of aliases of folders in the Dock; they'll be hard to tell apart.

Therefore, it would be handy if there was a little free icon building application.

Using the aqua interface, this should be very easy: an icon may consist of several layers, the first showing what kind of volume the icon refers to and the second showing a specific picture. In the aqua environment, it'll be very easy to let the application scale this picture, so that the bottom layer is still visible. A text layer could also be added.

Who's going to build the app?
Thanks Franky,

I downloaded it and it's beautiful! It also supports OS X icons, as you probably already knew.

From the program, it appears that OS X uses bitmaps for icons. I thought they would be little PDF-like, layered, vector based files, like most of aqua should be. This is a bit of a disappointment.

How much of aqua is really vector based???