Aqua Theme for Classic?


Kent Lad
I was just wondering, do themes still work in the appearance control panel in Classic when running under X.1?

If so, does anyone have the Aqua theme for OS 9?
I'd like to have Classic looking the same as X ;) hehe
Ok, if no one HAS that theme, does anyone know where I could get a copy?
I seen to remember one called Liquid which was V good and looked exactly like Aqua. I had it on my iMac a while back, but don't have it now :(
I have two I think, if you want I can eMail them to you, just give me a msg (private or post) with your eMail or contact me on ICQ: 29248479 ...

I have both candy color and graphite themes :)

But they require Kaleidoscope 2.31

Email me if you want them
I mean themes for the Appearance control panel of OS 9, not Kal schemes.
I don't wanna install anything into Classic to be able to use an Aqua theme, just wanna stick one in the Appearance control panel, like Mac OS Platinum etc ;)
yeah, you can get straight appearance themes for OS 9at a website, im ont sur eof the address, but if you go to and search "banned apple" you get a result that has all the themes, desktop patterns, soundjam mp skins ,that were banned by apple, i use the OS X appearance for OS 9 i got from there. Alright hope that helps.

I have a good straight up Mac OS classic Aqua-looking theme. Best one out there, or so I'm told :) I also have the three apple-developed themes that were never released (high tech, drawing board, and that really weird-looking clownish one whose name i can't remember). Anyway, don't know about OS X compatibility under classic, but if you want these, don't hesitate to e-mail me.
And it has worked on every version of Mac OS X I've used. I sent Apple a ton of e-mails suggesting that the theme be install with the other files Mac OS X installs into OS 9 to create Classic so that using Classic doesn't feel so... out of place. I think this image of Netscape 4.78 running in 10.1 can give you an idea of what I'm talking about.


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Considering Classic has a different HI than Aqua, Apple would be foolhardy to do such a thing. If the behavior is different, so too should the appearance be.
Aqua looks quite ugly on OS 9 :p
I prefer other themes lol... I have expanded my OS collection themes lol...
NeXTSTEP anyone ? ;)
Originally posted by strobe
If the behavior is different, so too should the appearance be.

Then by the same reasoning all those Carbon apps that still use dialog windows instead of sheets should still appear as "Classic" platinum then.

No, I like my idea better. One look for everything.
Nobody requires the use of sheets.

There are major differences between Classic and Aqua which would have to be made uniform before the two could be used the same. For example window management (order, minimizing), menu alignment and contents, not to mention the blocking nature of many Classic apps.

Plus Aqua themes which don't use 8-bit masks are pretty foul-looking.
Less we forget that "Aqua" was little more than a theme added to the "platinum" Mac OS X DP2. In DP3 you could hack the OS back to the old platinum look with very little trouble. DP4 was the first that couldn't be un-Aqua-fied. The Aqua look is a theme. The people who have seen Classic with that theme applied like Working with Mac OS X better. And in some cases think the system is running faster because they don't think Classic apps are running in Classic.

As for the "major differences", if you couldn't apply the Aqua theme to Mac OS 8.5 and later, you might have an argument. The fact of the matter is that there is a working Aqua theme for the Classic OS and having it work side by side with Mac OS X works. If it didn't, I wouldn't use it myself.

As for "Aqua themes", I would consider the Aqua 1.0.x series to be quite nice. Besides, I was suggesting that Apple (creators of the Aqua theme for DP3 and the themes for 8.5 Beta and Copland) create an Aqua theme for Mac OS 9. I would hope they could do better than some guy out there reverse engineering an Aqua theme (seeing as Apple never released tools for creating themes for the Mac OS).

But like I said earlier, it already works, so you really don't have an argument against it.:D
Aqua isn't a theme, it's an HI specification.

That's a typical attitude for somebody who doesn't frequent mac circles. Just change the widgets and viola, Aqua! bzzzt, wrong

Aqua isn't a "look". Even the first published Aqua spec. was only metrics, and that wasn't just a look. Just applying an Aqua facade on Swing apps didn't make them comply to the Aqua HI spec. They're awful! I find them hard to use unless I change the default "look and feel" of Swing to Metal.

It doesn't "work", it's counter-productive. What could be a better definition of NOT working? If you think the whole business of Aqua is appearance, you're sorely mistaken. Unfortunately many Cocoa programmers are just as clueless. Check out OmniWeb as a classic example of how to break nearly every rule in the spec. Get a clue Omni, don't use utility window widgets unless it's a utility window.
Originally posted by strobe
Aqua isn't a theme, it's an HI specification.

That's a typical attitude for somebody who doesn't frequent mac circles...

From the circles I've seen you in, no body really wants you to be there all that frequently anyway. Like I said, in the beginning, Aqua was a theme added to DP2. If you hadn't been hating anything that is different from the Classic OS (oh, who am I kidding, you just hate everything), maybe you could have been involved with all the stages of the development.

Like I said earlier, in DP3 you could remove the Aqua look (wasn't a human interface spec yet), and go back to good ol' Apple Platinum. And, like I said earlier, if it didn't work, you might have an argument.. but you don't (just a bad attitude).

And as for Omni... you are in no position to tell them anything about how to make an app for Mac OS X. There is NO development firm that has worked closer with Apple on Mac OS X than Omni. But I know that you are a Mac bigot, and that you feel that any body that didn't start with the Mac OS has no business working with it now. But when it comes to people the Mac could do without, you seem to be high on many peoples list. I find me hating myself when ever you do say something I agree with because you are still the image of the Ugly-Mac-User that people of other operating systems talk about.

By the way... did you ever look into getting counselling?:D
Originally posted by strobe
Nobody requires the use of sheets.

Originally posted by strobe anarkhos (omni mailling list)
As a user I prefer sheets. If you want to see the document contents click cancel.

I thought you liked sheets? I think they are one of the better parts of the Aqua HI myself. If your going with the Aqua only for Aqua HI compliant apps... I think sheets would be as good a litmus test as anything. (just a thought :D )
Despite how closely you claim Omni is working with Apple, they break every HI rule in the book!

Gee, 10.1 didn't come with OmniWeb built-in. That's soooo surprising given how closely they work together.

Of course if you only use Cocoa apps, you'll never understand the HI specification. Pity that
I think OmniWeb not being part of the Mac OS X install has more to do with an agreement that Apple made with Microsoft than anything else (or didi you just forget about that). Besides OmniWeb was give awards for interface design by Apple... doesn't sound to me like they are that unhappy with what Omni is putting out to me.:D