where and how do you change the aqua in mac os x cause I see other people with a diffrent color aqua?
Those "themes" were made by hacking a file called Extras.rsrc. It is located in System/Library/Frameworks/HIToolbox.framework/Versions/A/Resources/. There was a program to edit this but it was taken down.

Good luck :),
benp -- what color changes in aqua did you want?

Some people with a radically differnt "aqua" were using themes like VGZ mentioned.
Perhaps, however, you just wanted to change the hilight color and the scroll bars from blue to gray and to change the "stoplight" of the close/minimize/maximize window widgets to all gray?
If this is the case, that 's Apple's "Graphite Mode" that can be accessed in the general prefs panel of the system preferences application. Less cool than the themes, for sure, but it takes an edge off of the garishness....

Yes that gray tupe of aqua I wanted and I didnt see anything in os 10 that said anything about changing that?