Archive and Unarchive App Recommendation


I have about 850 HTML files along with a few images and a CSS file that I want to zip and password protect. I purchased iPack on the AppStore, I have downloaded StuffIt and I have used the Terminal. I create the zip in Terminal using zip -ejr [Archive name] [Path of folder]. When I try to open it, I get the Error 2 File Not Found (or something similar). With Both SuffIt and iPack, I get an Error 1.

These are simple HTML files. Nothing special. I just don't know what I could possibly be doing wrong. I have been away from Windows for years but they sure do have easy ways to password protect a zip file and then unzip it.

Any suggestions for purchasing an app that can handle this? Hopefully they will have a demo so that I don't waste anymore money. If it works, I will certainly purchase it.