Ard Over Vpn


I am trying to connect to an off-site computer via Apple Remote Desktop. More specifically, trying to view and take control of the remote mac.

-I am running ARD 2.2 server and client on OS10.4 both ends
-My local router and firewall is an Xserve w/ OS10.4 Server
-All the relevant firewall ports for ARD are open on my end (3283 TCP and UDP, 5900 TCP and UDP, 5988 TCP)
-The remote end has an AirPort Extreme base station as router and firewall
- Using L2TP VPN protocol
- Remote machine is connected via VPN
- Remote machine has ARD active with full access privileges

I am able to scan and find the remote machine.
I can see the remote machine in the ARD list and shows the active application.

When I request to take control, ARD attempts to connect and comes up with a connection failure after approx. 1 min. of attempting to connect.

I am able to send information/requests out, but not able to receive any info from the remote machine. I can have the remote machine observe my screen, but not vice versa. I suspect that it is the remote firewall causing the problem.

Is there a way to configure custom firewall ports on the AirPort?

Are the ARD ports open by default on the AirPort?

Could a firmware update fix this issue? (Purchased AirPort 7.2005)

Any help would be appreciated.