Are we getting the whole story......

Will you make OS X 10.1 your primary OS based on the posts on this site

  • Hell yeah!

  • Maybe

  • Are you out of your f'in mind!

  • OS X Sucks!!!

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I finally got my hands on 5F26 (macworld preview). This thing is crazy fast!!

Because it is so fast, it makes me wonder if Apple and others "in the know" have been giving us the whole story. How the hell can they go from the Slug they call 10.0 to this Mustang they call 10.1. Was 10.0 really finished or was it really 10.0 Public Beta 2?

Just a thought!

P.S. If you haven't gotten your hand on 10.1 yet, you must!! I have made this my default OS now, it is the Sh!t!!!!:D
I might tend to agree with you about the whole 10.0 as Public Beta 2.
I'm using 5f24 as my primary os right now. I am quite pleased with it overall. You said you were using 5f26. I would be interested in comparing notes between the 2 builds. What is your hardware config?

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