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So... I've been using OS X for quite a while now, and I'm starting to get aggrevated with Microsoft (heh heh, no-one's ever heard that before) as Windows (that's another part of the problem) Media Player isn't out for X, much less Netscape 6 for X... grr.....

Another problem, I want to able to view .avi's, and DivX movies. That's proving rather difficult to do completely on a non-classic level. (I have a PowerBook FireWire that rocks, but the computer takes a hit on performance somethin' fierce while Classic is running.)

Oh, and no, Quicktime can't do what I want it to do even with the divX plugin.

- Feeling that I'll be waiting -
that's what I'm usin' right now. It's just that plug-ins aren't nearly ready yet for it. Also there has been ridiculous amounts of IE pluggin' going on, especially with OS X. I wonder how much Microsoft payed for that to show up in the dock.
Any idea on MP2 files ?
I;ve been having a hard time playing them :(
I;ve found a free player but no sound and very buggy! :(
someone from my server got the divx thing to work

I will try to find out how and who he was.. Ill post about it later when i find out