ARM based PalmOS


Having been an owner of a Palm Pilot Personal, & now a Visor Deluxe, I'm addicted! :)

But, does anyone know when the ARM-based PalmOS units are due to ship?
I don't know *when* exactly but I am pretty sure I know what it is going to be like ;)

PALM bought Be inc not so long ago so I bet that the "new" palm OS will be a melding of the current palmOS and the BeIA OS ;)

I know about the Be deal, & have even got a copy of BeOS 4.5 for PowerPC (& used it for a long while on my PowerCenterPro 210), but i've not seen BeIA ... what's it like?
I got a copy of beOS 5 Pro he he (of course now I need a PC to run it:p)

BeIA stands for Be Internet Appliance. It's just a modified version of the BeOS I think.

I cant speak for Palm Inc but since they have aquired an OS company, and to be more specific a Media based OS, it is plausile that Palm Inc wants to use that OS on their devices and make them more media enabled, as well as more network enabled in order to be able to compete with the PocketPC platform. Even though Palm Inc has a big footing ahead of the PocketPC market M$ is making their OS better, and companies like compaq are making some nice devices which in the future will probably temp users to move over to the winARM side of PDA computing.

On an online demo, along with handwriting, the PocketPC OS can also recognize Graffiti glyfs which gives you an idea of winARM's target.