Aspect Ratio ?


Simply Daemonic
Still looks weird :p
I wonder if I got a cinematic display and a myTV usb tv tuner if it went away :p (lol $3150+tax to watchs tar trek in peace ??? naaah :p )



Old Rhapsody User
I don't know, it seem fine to me. But then again, most of my videos are letterbox anyway. :D


Simply Daemonic
I've gotten used to the format after the advent of DVD, but it just strikes me as weird ;) Other TV shows do this as well.


mach-o mach-o man
This isn't completely relavent, but

I think on those IBM comercials with the blue bands on the top and bottom, they do that to guarentee your eye's focus is within a smaller area, thus hopefully on a target, like some new thinkpad.