Assorted 10.1 and Unix questions


1. How can I get more than one terminal window open. I have tried an number of things that do not work.

2. Why doesn't the console window double as a terminal window? It does on my Sun box. Can't type any commands into it.

3. I have four partitions. One for OSX , OS9, swap and a large free partition. When I try view jpg file in the OS9 or free parition from OSX I can not see them.

4. I would like to install php and apache myself. Building them from the source code. Is there an easy way to remove them fromm the OS without having to hunt down all the files. In Solaris there are pkgadd and pkdrm commands. Are there similar commands for BSD.

5. I want to use a jpg picture taken with my digital camera as my startup screen. What format does the picture have to be in? How can I convert my jpg to that format?

Thanks in advance

1. Use cmd-n (Apple button + 'n')

2. The console is supposed to display info, it does not double as a terminal.

3. I have no idea.

4. Go checkout As far a removing the files, you can install it in a directory you specify, by using --prefix=/your/dir.

5. I don't know about this one either, try searching

1. yea, like jdog said... just do cmd+n or 'new window' from 'shell' menu, I guess...

you can set up your terminal windows, then save them... then you can open them from 'library' under 'shell' menu.

for example, if you want to run emacs in separate window, you can make a new terminal, save it, open the saved .term file, and change the string of shell to emacs. when you open that .term file, it'll run emacs...

or you can change string of executionstring to whatever script you want to run, so when you open the .term file, it'll run that script. I guess you can do that in .tcshrc, if you that script run in every terminal window you open.

the saved term file will remember the position of window, too

2. yea... what jdog said...
DesktopConsole will display the info on desktop... kinda neat... but not really more than eyecandy.

3. I think we need more detail as to what your problem is. You can't see the jpg files? in Finder? or whatever program you are using to view the pics? I think with more detail, somebody can help you out.

4. I think I saw a pkg remover at, but I haven't used it myself.

5. jpg works fine for desktop picture.
if you want to work with unix installations as packages

it works great if you read the docs.

.jpg files will open from anywhere even over the network.

If you have no other option at all just drag the .jpg icon to the <b>internet exploder</b> window or icon.

preview, TextEdit, quicktime, goldberg,
Graphic converter???? search OSX Graphics apps
to name a few.....
<hr> is a log viewer.
1 is Terminal emulation ...I am curious...... for example which many ways to open a new window which didn't work.
(.......this is for my research in interface design....Entitled: "How to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks")

if you want xterm or rvxt or eterm..... see 4
Q: What do you get when you cross a <b>Graphical Desktop Metaphor for a Hierarchical file system, (which has taken over 25 years of development to produce)</b> with a <b>Unified Networking Information Transfer System????????(which has taken many more than 30 years of development)</b>

A: <b> MacOSX </b>

As you can see they are beyond the age of consent...they can do what they want.
1. Looking at the pull down menus I could not find a way to open another window. Thanks for the tip

2. In the Solaris OS the console window show system messages and doubles as a terminal window.

3 and 5 I have a desktop picture which is a jpg of my cat that I stored on the OS9 partition in the OS9 system folder. When I was in OSX I could not see the OS9 parition. I could not view any files in the Swap or Free partitions either. From terminal mode I could but not from the GUI. I moved the jpg to the desktop and was finally able to see the jpg but it was greyed out when I tried to make it my desktop picture in OSX. That is why I thought it had to be a different format.

4. I have downloaded Fink but haven't tried to install yet.

Thanks for all the help

Not a *NIX guru, but I think I can help with # 5.
You want a custom startup/login screen, right? It's been a while since I did a restart, but IIRC, they are the same screen.
In your /Library/Desktop directory, there is a file named Aqua Blue.jpg. This is what the system uses for a login background. To get your own personal image as the background, simply rename your image as "Aqua Blue.jpg" and stick it in /Library/Desktop.
BTW, I'm stuck on a WinNT box at work right now, so I may have gotten some of the file and/or directory names slightly wrong.
Remember folks, don't use they ripped off poor Christoph Pfisterer, the author of Fink, and tried to sell stuff that his utility had put together (to make a medium longish story short). Just use fink, it works very well.

no i'm not mr. pfisterer (i hope i spelled that right) i just admire is coding acumen :)