Asus Usb Wifi (?) -> Spectacular Crash!


I've already backed up all my stuff, so this is not as worrying a problem as it might be. Now I'm just trying to get the thing to wake up again.

2 days ago, i bought an Asus WL-167g for my iBook G3 800 running OS 10.3.9, installed the driver off the CD, and promptly started abusing my new wireless capabilities. I noticed things seemed to be heating up more than usual - since i actually use the laptop in my lap, i can notice these things - but i didn't pay much attention.

Last night i was pushing it with perhaps too many things: copying a CD, downloading something, and trying to install the Divx codec all at once. (Incidentally, VPN had just told me that my computer was too slow. little did i know...)
I set it down to do something else, and when i came back the monitor was flashing with pixellated lines across it. Shortly thereafter, it turned grey. I panicked and emergency shut down, then ejected the CD when I tried to start back up.

Since then, i have had 2 successes and a series of no-responses: it started up all the way after zapping the P-ram, but that was short lived when the screen started doing the flashy thing again. Single-user mode started, and i fscked and checked the drive, which it thinks is ok. I got it into target disk mode and at first the other comp couldn't see the drive, but it finally did and now all my data is backed up. Other modes - starting up in Safe mode etc. - are open questions b/c the monitor fails to come up. I hear something, but no evidence.

The reason I think this has something to do with the Wifi: when I was trying to restart, if the wifi was present things seemed to work, when it was absent the humming stopped very soon. That, and the heat seems to still be generating in that vicinity.

I would like to salvage the machine if possible, but i don't have access to the boot discs at the moment. If there are any other suggestions, fire away.


The first place I would check is this:

I've had 4 iBooks (in my company) go down because of this recall. They will periodically regain the screen connection, but as you noted, is either short-lived or spotty at best. In fact, I just sent one back about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Apple is still honoring this recall (as of July) and you should really speak with a tech about this (You'll have to go through the rigamarole of the PRAM zap, power manager, etc. on the phone with them) But your problem sounds very symptomatic of this issue. Turn around is pretty quick too, They've returned the laptops within a work week every time. Dollars to donuts, this is your issue.