At last, Printing to my HP 840c


As it says, I now have my 840 printing.
Absolutely no problems as yet. Prints in colour and grey scale. I think it is higher resolution than 256 but not sure yet.
The driver I used is the HPPM Plugin from the Developer files on Apple web site.
Put this file in the plugins directory in the System / Library / frameworks / Printercore.Framework/ Plugins / PrinterModules
1-More precisely, will you give us the complete url
to be able to dowload the file: HPPM.plugin
2-Please, confirm your good results. So we can
face getting this HP840C device.

See this thread, where printing to several models of HP usb printers (with varying success) using this driver is discussed, and user Vertigo has put together an installer package of the HP beta drivers for those of us who don't have the Developer Tools CD (I don't know if Apple even has it available for downloading.) Download Vertigo's package, make sure you're logged in as root, and install. I personally am printing to a Deskjet 970 cse using this driver. The quality is poor and it's pretty slow, nothing I'd go out and buy a new HP printer for--but it's a damn good printer anyway, and if you're desperate to print, then have at it...