AT&T@home and OS X?


HELP!!!! I just got an AT&T@home cable connection and it works great on my winblows98 and my OS 9.2. I can not figure out how to configure it on OS X, and of course, @home does not do technical support for OS X yet! I know how to get into networking and how to set it to DCHP. It does automatically configure the DCHP server address, but im not sure what else to do. Any help would be lifesaving (not really lifesaving, but cool, none the less).

That should be it. If you set Use DHCP, or whatever, that's all you have to configure. You should then see an IP address for your machine that your provider gives you. You don't need to set DNS or anything.

I wonder if it uses some funky PPPoE or something.

I use @Home with OS X. I have found that it works best to manually configure the network settings. Call AT&T and ask them for your IP Address, Subnet, Router, and all the other stuff in the Network pane of the system configurations. Plug that stuff in. You will also need to know the mail server names if you plan on using them. That should work for you.

@Home has pages on their web site WRT OS X, but it's too simple to find the URL. Just use DHCP and enter your host in the specified field.