ATA33 = kernel panic


Puny Member
Has anybody else come across this bug?

I have an original G4 Sawtooth (AGP) and OS X will immediately panic on boot if the ATA 33 bus is connected. Otherwise it works fine. This is curious since I did boot 10.0.3 fine on this hardware setup, however after installing 10.0.0 fresh on another volume it had the same panic. I have 10.0.3 on another volume and it booted once fine.

The ATA33 bus has a hard drive on master, and the DVD drive on slave.

I'm at a loss for a logical explanation.
OK, I see the problem now...

You can't have the master drive in the middle and the slave drive at the end of the cable. This is a problem in 10.0.0 and 10.0.4 (but curiously not 10.0.3).

oh well, guess I'll have to make the DVD the master drive if I want to use it.