ATI Nexus PCI weird stuff...


I've been trying to get X to work with my "tweaked" 8500. It's fine apart from one thing - it'll kernel panic if I leave my ATI Nexus card in it as it tries to run the Window Manager (booting to the CLI using single user mode is fine).
I would expect this - but I just think it's a bit odd since I've seen people report that the same card will work fine in a beige G3, and it shares the same (or at least a very similar) chipset to the default shipped with modern Macs.

I managed to get sound working using the slight tweak to one of the kernel extensions that someone posted, and was kinda hoping that you could do the same thing (running X off the 8500's onboard video is acceptable, but I'd like it to be quicker). I've tried tweaking the Rage 128 kernel extension using some parameters I pulled from the card by booting with it in the machine using single user mode, but it still don't work.

Anyone else had any more luck/similar experiences?