ati radeon 9800 pro


Will this card work on my Mac? G4 1.25 MDD 1.5gig RAM... they say its compatible with a AGP 4x or 2x capable Macintosh - but I cant find out whether my G4 is...

I currently have the 9000 that the machine shipped with, and its starting to show its age (especially when using quadro cards at work)... I do quite a bit of 3D animation work with Maya and Zbrush and Photoshop among others, I should really have a G5 for this work, but I just cant afford one at the moment...

I have also heard that this card doesnt give 100% of its performance on the G4...
HI I run a lot of the stuff you do, most of it on my Macbook Pro and it runs OK, but you need to try starting Zbrush up to about 6 times before it takes.
It is definitely really important to ensure your ATI card will match the G4, a quick note to ATI will probably solve your problem.
As far as I can recall, all the G4's ran AGP which ones were 4X and which ones were 2X I think you should be able t ofind out via Apple's support pages (Assuming you have the patience and creativity required to get the right question typed in)
For sure you do not want to end up running in OpenGL software compatibility mode if you can help it.
If you are on OSX, go to Apple menu and choose about this Mac and then choose more info. IT should let you know what AGP you are running on that Mac usually this is under the Graphics/displays line.
If you can get the exact info from this Apple SYstem Profiler you should be able to see if the ATI card is compatible or not.

IF you can't find out drop a note here and I will see if Ican find out for you OK.
400mhz, 450mhz and 500mhz Power Mac G4's were the last to get AGP 2x graphics.

the next ones, and the first to get AGP 4x, were 466mhz, 533mhz, 667mhz and 733mhz. if yours is faster, it's 4x, if it's slower than the first set, then it's 2x.