ATI XClaim 3D compatible with OSX???


Just found an ad from my local Mac dealer and they are selling the SEALED ATI XClaim 3D (w/ the Rage Pro chipset) for only $80 CDN and full warranty!

I would like to grab one of these....but not sure if OSX works with the card...

Any idea?
Yes, it works.

How well it works depends on what you want out of it. It serves its purpose as a decent second monitor card pretty well. The Xclaim TV card that comes with it has no osx drivers so no TV, period. Under 9, the Xclaim TV lets you use live TV as a desktop picture, a pretty cool feature. The video capture is ok though once you start capturing at higher than 640x480 the card has issues keeping up with the framerate. I would like to think that ATi will be putting out an Xclaim TV os x port as the TV feature is REALLY the only attractive option on this card. As for whether or not it is worth 80 bucks canadian? thats up to you.

I concur. the rage pro chipset works, but that's about it. i would guess that if you look around a bit, try maybe, you can find a card with the rage32 chipset for not much more that will perform much better.

(my second monitor uses the ati nexus32 card and works great....)