Hi! I'm new to Mac - & i have a new ibook. It has suddenly stopped letting me send attachments with email - whether it be by .mac, gmail, yahoo or hotmail or through Safari (my prefered browser), Firefox or IE. I have tried different servers & networks etc,as I travel alot between Australia & Asia.
I'm sure it's something simple or a preference has been changed somehow.. but I'm no tech & just can't figure it out.
I can receive attached files & pix but can't send them - there seems to be something "blocking" them.
Please help, it's URGENT as I work freelance & my work relies on fixing this problem...
are you the admin... if you are you might need to check your permissions
Hi There!

Thank gooodness, I have found someone else with my problem. I recently got a new Dual 2 GHz G5 with OS X Tiger. Since upgrading, I am unable to attach any files to emails. I use Charter cable for personal email and Squirrelmail through for freelance accounts. Everything worked fine when i had a Beige G3 Tower running on OS 9.

I can attach files from my Dell workstation at work through these accounts with no problem. It just doesn't happen from my home system.

I saw a response regarding admin settings. What specifically could be messing things up, and how would one go about fixing them?

I am a freelance designer who needs to be able to send things to clients! HELP!

Kind Regards,