ATTENTION ADMIN: Search is briken


I just noticed that search is messed up. I did a search for a Topics Subject and the results were EVERY topic ever posted. Please look into this.
Use the subject of any thread. I just used the subject of this thread and it returned all the threads as results.
I did a search for "Attention Admin" and it come up with 3 threads as seach results.

Try "ATTENTION ADMIN: Search is briken" and you'll see what I'm talking about.

btw is there anyway to edit the title of a thread. Its annoying to have that typo I made. I would have noticed it in time to correct beforehand of the preview showed the subject as well.
The search feature is a KEYWORD search... inserting "is" as a keyword will bring up all posts using the word IS. Considering "is" is a popular word in the English language, it IS likely to pull up every single thread on the system. :)

This is a BETA release of the BB software... FYI.