atupid question


ok so i'm about to do the change to X.... now, what happens to all my software? do i have to install again? do i d/l the X version? what do i do with my old apps? i want to know the procedure in making the leap, because i think im gonna do a clean install, since ive been told that os X runs a lot faster if you do it this way, so could anyone please enlighten me on how to proceed on this very important phase in maclife...

i appreciate your time

running iMac SE graphite 500 640RAM
Probaby *the best* thing to do, is back up *everything*, erase your HD< and do a clean install that way. But that takes a lot of time.

YOu dont have to throw away your old apps. They work in OS X (in one way or another). There are some OS X native apps of some apps but not all. I have native versions of apps for several apps but not all :)

You can find OS X apps at