Audio brings OS X 10.1 to a crashing halt


Hey all,

I've had really bad experiences with audio on OS X 10.1. I'm running it from an external Firewire hard drive, and every time I've used iTunes, it has crashed within half an hour (kernel panic). Everything stops responding and I have to force restart. Got 256MB of RAM etc...

And just before I was playing a midi file in QuickTime Player and I opened Mail, and it came crashing down again. It must be me, but I've crashed OS X 10.1 about 6 or 7 times in the last two weeks (although thats much better than the PC I have to use at work).

iTunes was perfect under OS 9.1 so I am wondering if anyone else has experienced these sorts of things with audio. BTW I have no additional speakers or anything. Just an iMac DV SE 400.
That's odd. I have an iMac DV SE 400 with 256 MB of RAM as well. I've had no problems with audio. iTunes is a drain on my system, but I've NEVER had a crash with iTunes running and listening to music. I use Monsoon mm1000's instead of the iMac's speakers though, they sound much better ;)

I don't know what you can do about your system. Have you updated your firmware recently? Do you have OS X on a seperate partition, etc????
I think I tried updating the firmware when iTunes first came out (you know that time -- january this year) but it wasn't successful - said I didn't have the correct model or something (which I do). The update was meant to fix some audio stuff, but it was meant to speed up the ripping of cd's to mp3s, as some people said they could get up to 12x while I'm still stuck at 2x - 3x.

Anyway, I've got a 40GB External Firewire Hard Drive which has 9.1 (before I installed OS X 10.1), and X 10.1, which I only put on last week. Both are on the same partition (I have one huge Mac HFS+ partition).
iTune also gives me Kernel Panic under 10.1 :(

But I load the MP3s and the app from the internal HD...same partition....