Audio programs for osx


Ive just got into the whole home studio thing (using motus audiodesk and their 828 firewire digital recording module). The other day I went ahead and bought propellerheads reason (great program) but now find I need new audio recording software (something that supports rewire). Ive been looking at digital performer - but would prefer something that runs under OSX. Any ideas?


none of the Audio programs available now for OS 9 have been Carbonized yet. Audio Software ISVs are either having a hard time carbonizing, dragging their feet, or waiting for their next major revisions.

Emagic announced that their Logic Audio package will be available in January for OS X.

Digidesign has said ProTools will be carbonized for OS X, but offer no timetable as to when.

BIAS had Peak and Deck both scheduled for a November release, but there is no mention on their website as to when they will appear.

Cubase was another developer that announced that their package would be available by the end of the year. Still haven't heard what's up with v. 5's release.

Bottom line - if you do serious audio production on a Mac, you're gonna have to live with OS 9 for awhile longer.
Apple is taking their time with the sound technology on Mac OS X. Latency is a big issue for desktop music. I've heard that Mac OS X will have some impressive low latency numbers. Hopefully Apple and the people who code for ProTools are working closely together on NSSound and other related sound issues on Mac OS X.