Auto Log-out?


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I just made a new user for OS X. The user is not an administrator. I logged my admin user out and re-logged in as my new user. I was setting up a few preferences and things when I opened itunes. In itunes, I dragged my folder of MP3s that I had created (in OS 9.1) into the itunes library listing window. When I did this, my screen went completely blue and logged me into my admin user's interface (restarting the interface). REALLY WEIRD. That is something that shouldn't be happening when you are logged as any user, let alone a non-admin user. Any ideas?

To make it weirder, I logged out of my admin interface, and back into my guest user interface and did exactly what I had done before. It didn't do it again...
Do you normally have your system set up to autologin as your admin user? Maybe what happened was something crashed your whole login session (as the not-admin user) and the system dumped back to the loginwindow process-- which, if you have autologin turned on, would probably then have logged you immediately in as your admin user. When you went back the second time and it didn't happen again, it's probably because you didn't crash the login session.