Auto logout?


Has anyone seen any documentation about the automatic logout that started happening after installing 10.0.2? Or am I the only one on the planet that would like to turn it off? Or maybe I'm the only one seeing this activity?

In case you don't know what I'm talking about here's what's happening to me on my 2 OSX machines.

After upgrading to 10.0.2 my machines seem to log me off after a period of inactivity. (<5 minutes not exactly sure) This isn't a screen saver/screen lock activity. It's logging me off, shutting down my running applications and causing a fair amount of aggravation when I'm pausing for a phone call while in the middle of writing an email.

Between this and the display problem (see other thread) 10.0.2 is sure a loser after I was pretty happy with 10.0.1.

By logging you off, do you mean dumping you back to the login panel?

Does it happen at a point that would otherwise involve some sort of display/system sleep? (i.e. after some amount of inactivity?) Or does it occur in full use, while you're typing and all that?

If the loginwindow process crashes, it will dump the user back to the login panel, so possibly you're hitting a loginwindow death problem. An interesting thing for you to try to do: Enable the Crashreporter, which is a low level tool for catching random crashes.

To do this, you need to edit /etc/hostconfig as root (so for example use "sudo vi /etc/hostconfig") and add, down in the services section, the line:


Then reboot. After that, most processes when they crash will dump some diagnostic output to the file /var/log/crash.log, which can be viewed in the terminal or by opening the file in Console. If you get dumped back to the loginwindow, try logging back in and seeing if at the end of this log file there is a record of a crash for the loginwindow process. The backtrace in that diagnostic output frequently gives some indication of where in the system the process was when the crash occured.
Yes. I do mean bumped back to the login panel. It did seem initially like it was a 'feature' except for the fact that programs were dying as well. So yes maybe it is a 'login window death problem' Thanks for the pointer. I've enabled CRASHREPORTER so I'll see if I get anything meaningful.

Thanks I'll post an update after I see what's happening.