auto-mount win2kserver


I am using my old PC as a fileserver for my little network here and I want to know how I can automatically mount the shared folders when I login to OS 10.0.4. Under 9.x, you just had to check the drives you wanted to mount at startup, but how do I do this under OS 10.0.4?
Also, why can't I see the drives in the network section in the finder? I can only connect to the server via Go->Connect to Server

any help is appreciated!

thanx in advance

Currently there is no GUI that I know of to auto mount any volume regardless if it is Win or whatever. Now I haven't tried it but couldn't you just put an alias to the server in your start items folder? Or what about making a favorite and then go to the log in pane and choose the alias.
the first one doesn't work, the second one would be an option, but still, I want them on my desktop and in my dock everytime I this too much I'm begging for apple? basic networking functions?