Automate Back Up using iBackup remotely


Hi all,

I want to automate back up's remotely using CLI (Terminal). I know how to connect to the other MAC's using ssh but I am not familiar with scripting. I have to do the procedure about 50 times and going to 50 different machines is a really big hassle. If you guys can lead me to the right direction i would really appreciate it. Now here is what i want in this particular order.

- From the client computer connect to a remote folder using that user specific login in MAC Server (e.g. I want to connect to the server as John Doe and then mount John Doe's dedicated folder from MAC Server)

- Update iBackup to latest version

- Setup iBackup to run at a specific time (once a week) or run iBackup manually. Also i would want specific folders and files to be backed up (Desktop, Documents, and Apple or Eudora Mail) and set a limit of folders on the server (iBackup has a feature where it can delete older folders automatically if a number of Folder is allowed).

Again I might be a programmer but i learn fast and this is something i want to learn so I can keep up with my companies back up. It is really really really important I get this done. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.