Automatic Email Message And Attachments Processing


We need to process mail (+1500 daily) from a cached microsoft exchange server 2003 on specified email accounts. I want to use Apple Mail if I can. I need to convert messages for the day (or as they come in) and convert them to single-page TIFFs.

When the emails are processed they need to be routed to folders on network drives. Each specific account will have a base folder for its emails. In that folder it will hold a date-based archive of folders that hold each day's email messages (converted to single-page tiffs) and their attachments.
Each message will have this filename: "yymmdd-#.ext" - each page will have this suffix: "_page-#." The emailed attachments will have the same filename as the email it came with, minus the page number if course, and a suffix that has this: "_filename." If it has multiple pages then it needs to be converted to single-page TIFFs with the mentioned page number suffix. There must be a way to incorperate every possible form of document, whether it be wordperfect or word or excel.

Any advice is appreciated!