Automatically converting filenames to a text file


I need to convert the filenames of a large number of files into a text file so that they can be read into a spreadsheet.

Is there any shareware/freeware out there that can do this easily?

We are still using 10.3.9, so Automater is out of the question (if it can even do this...)

You can use AppleScript, AS.

Four lines of AS code maximum, if you copy the filenames to the clipboard - before running the script file or saved applet.
Nine lines of AS code maximum, if you drag the files onto the saved applet.
If they're all in the same folder, just select the files, Copy, go to a text editor, and Paste. If they're not all in the same folder, you can either write an AppleScript or just repeat the process for each group of files.
In Terminal (located at /Applications/Utilities/

ls > list.txt

ls -options /path/ > /path/filelist.txt

for options: man ls

To import in a spreadsheet, use an editor (e.g. TextWrangler) with find/replace to insert comma's so you can import as CSV list.